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Why Are My Eyes So Dry?

Young man sitting at a computer on a table and rubbing his eyes with his left hand while he holds his glasses in his right hand.

Why Are My Eyes So Dry? What Causes Dry Eyes? Eye comfort is more than 20/20 vision. Multiple factors can impact how well you can see and how your eyes feel. When your eyes are dry, it can affect your vision, eye health, and even mental health. Many factors lead to dry eyes, from eye […]

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Should I Get Prescription Sunglasses?

Fashionable black pair of round sunglasses sitting on an orange background.

Should I Get Prescription Sunglasses? Looking into Prescription Sunglasses Sunglasses are the go-to accessory for sunny days. Or maybe you find yourself switching between your prescription glasses and sunglasses when driving or enjoying summer sports. Choosing between sharp vision and defense from glaring brightness can be a pain. But you don’t have to choose. Prescription […]

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