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Protecting Your Eyes 

Wearing protective eyewear can prevent 90% of injuries. You can protect your eyes while you’re at work, playing sports, or participating in any activity that poses a risk to your eyes. Your eyes can even benefit from added protection if you’re using digital devices for long periods.

We offer sunglasses, goggles, and personal protective equipment in a variety of styles to make sure you’re getting the best eye protection.

Brands we carry include:

  • Rudy Project
  • Nike
  • Zeal
  • Gunnar

You can purchase protective eyewear with or without prescription lenses. If you need prescription eyewear, first make sure your prescription is up to date with a routine comprehensive eye exam.

Our Brands

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Just do it.

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Rudy Project

Designed and crafted in Italy since 1985, Rudy Project produces advanced sunglasses and sport RX solutions. They dare you to Elevate Your Performance.

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Zeal sunglasses are built for outdoor adventurers and are ready to perform in the harshest conditions. Each pair demonstrates high standards of quality while maintaining a practical style. Wanting to lessen their ecological footprint, Zeal frames and lenses use plant-based materials.

Our Location 

Our office is located in Vancouver, Washington off the SR-500 and I-205 (War Veterans Memorial Freeway) across from the Vancouver Mall. We have plenty of accessible parking available in the parking lot outside our building.

Our Address 

  • 8400 NE Vancouver Mall Loop, Ste 110
  • Vancouver, Washington 98662

Contact Information

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