Improved Eye Exams

Precision Eye Care’s state-of-the-art equipment in our pre-test center allows our doctor to quickly and efficiently diagnose many conditions of the eye.

Our Technology Protects Your Sight Routine Exams

Digital Retinal Camera for Health Assessment

To Identify Eye Disease Early

We are proud to present the first Multi-Spectral imaging camera in Vancouver. It is a new technology which has recently allowed eye doctors to detect and manage multiple eye diseases several years in advance of traditional methods. By using non-invasive light in various wavelengths, the Annidis RHA imaging system is able to detect early stages of one of the most common eye diseases affecting our population today – macular degeneration. By penetrating the layers of the eye, the images captured by the machine allows doctors to locate the depth and the severity of eye diseases which will, through earlier treatment, preserve eyesight over the long term. As our population ages, this unique technology will provide significant strides into preserving the sight of many generations to come.

Optical Coherence Tomography

To Identify Sight-Threatening Diseases

This latest in technology enables the doctors to identify sight threatening diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and others which often have no outward signs or symptoms.

Lipiview and Lipiflow

To Diagnose and Treat Dry Eye Syndrome

These instruments provide cutting edge technology to assess the tear film, blink characteristics, and oil glands embedded in your eyelids. The Lipiflow is the most effective tool that exists for treating dry eye disease.


To Provide You with Excellent Eyeglasses Measurements

Allows precise measurements from several different angles as your new frame sits on your face. Can also simulates different lens options for our patients.

Corneal Topographer

To Perfectly Fit Contacts

Our corneal topographer maps the surface of your eye so the doctor can not only custom fit contacts lenses to you but also get information about how the lenses affect your eyes over time.