Optical Boutique

We have a wonderful optical boutique filled with eye wear from around the world; handpicked not only for function but for their innovative designs. To complete your eye wear, we offer the highest-quality lenses available on the market today. Customize your glasses to your needs and buy only what you need.

Eyewear Brands at Precision Eye Care


Maui Jim




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Mad in Italy

Calvin Klein


Koali logo


Scott Harris Logo

Scott Harris

Draper James

TC Charton

TC Charton

Nike Swoosh



Glasses & Frames

Our optical boutique features a theme: “Frames from Around the World.” Our selection includes frames from Denmark (Lindberg), France (Morel),  Italy (Blackfin and Mad in Italy) and, of course, America. 

Other brands we carry include Nike,  Koali, TC Charton, and Scott Harris. TC Charton frames are designed specifically with Asian facial features in mind.

Specialty Lenses & Sunglasses

We offer specialty sunglasses such as Maui Jim, and Rudy Project, which are often used for sporting activities such as jogging, shooting, bicycling, and golfing to name just a few. Lenses can be customized to enhance the performance of the specific sport.

We also offer specialty lenses such as customized progressives, computer/office, and eyestrain reducing lenses; perfect for individuals who spends hours on digital screens. We can also include blue light blocking lenses and coatings.