Nutritional Supplements for Optimal Eye Health

We believe in a holistic approach, and want to help you reduce the risk of certain eye diseases through eye-friendly nutrients.

Let us help you navigate the confusing vitamin aisle and find the right supplements for you.

Ocular Nutrition We Offer

EyePromise Restore

Recommended for those who would like to preserve their healthy vision and fight against Age-related Macular Degeneration through the intake of Zeaxanthin and Lutein.


Recommended for those who have already been diagnosed with macular degeneration and would like to preserve or even improve their remaining vision through the intake of the recommended formula from the AREDS study.


Recommended for those who have diabetes and would like to promote blood vessel health through the intake of a proven formula of natural ingredients that will not adversely affect blood sugar levels.

Pharmacy Grade Omega-3s

Recommended for those who want to alleviate their Dry Eye symptoms naturally with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. We carry it in both a fish oil formula as well as a vegan version.

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