Services for Caring for Your Vision in Southwest Washington

Optometrist Dr. Chan and the entire Precision Eye Care Team take the sincerest pleasure in taking part in your family’s eye care needs. Through personalized service, continuous education, and innovative technology, we strive to form long-term relationships with our patients so that we may be the primary eye care providers for them and their family.

Our Services

Routine Eye Exams

We want you to be confident that your eyes are healthy; your vision is great now and for years to come. Let us help you with that by scheduling annual eye exams for you and your loved ones.

Our Boutique

We have a wonderful optical boutique filled with eye wear from around the world; handpicked not only for function but for their innovative designs. To complete your eye wear, we offer the highest-quality lenses available on the market today. Customize your glasses to your needs and buy only what you need.

Dry Eye Center

Dry eyes are an increasingly common problem but there can be many causes. We are the first Dry Eye Center of Excellence in Vancouver, Washington and can help you establish the right treatment to alleviate the common symptoms of dry eye disease.

Nutritional Supplements

We believe in a holistic approach and through eye-friendly nutrients such as lutein/zeaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, we can help you reduce the risk of certain eye diseases. Let us help you navigate the confusing vitamin aisle and find the right supplements for you.

Emergency Care

Don’t go to the ER! We are available should an emergency or urgent situation arise. Simply call or text our office and our team will assess your situation. We offer extended hours such as evenings and weekends as well as telehealth services.

Contact Lens Exams

We offer a complete suite of contact lenses. After determining your visual needs, your lifestyle and your prescription, Dr. Chan will recommend to you the most suitable lenses for your eyes and your lifestyle.